Monday, February 24, 2014

Hold Your Head Up High

Hold you head high up to the sky. You can make it. What you believe is very powerful. What do you believe about your present situation? Is it negative or positive? Changing what you believe can change your live.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How Are You Building Your Business?

Building your business with a company that is rated A+ with the BBB is the wisest thing to do. Why waste your time with companies that are here today and closed to morrow?

To succeed, team up with successful individuals who are building on a solid foundation. The foolish man built his house on the sand, the rain came down and washed it away. The wise man built his house on the rocks, the rain came but the house stood firm. Both men built a house. Where are you building your business?

Over the years I have made the foolish mistake of joining many passive income programs. I thought these were so cool because I could make money without having to recruit anyone. I invested thousands of dollars in these programs. I will say here quickly I did make money quickly but in the end I lost more than what I had made in most of them because soon they all went out of business by the government or by them running off with people's hard earned dollars.

  I am here to warn you all. Stay away from any program or business that promises you income without you having to do anything but invest your money.

Tassel Daley
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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Five Reasons Why People Fail

Five Reasons why people fail..
1. Dream stealers. (Those who say it cannot work.)
2. Past failures. Failure is not the opposite of success, quitting is. The most successful business people fail several times.
3, Lack of self confidence. Start with baby steps. Earn while you learn.
4.Lack of imagination. Dream BIG!
5. Focusing on the negative instead of on the positive.

Obstacles in Your Way?

So I have been looking forward to this Winter Gala ball,I dressed up pretty as a  barbie doll when down came the pouring rain. Not only that, the person with whom I was attending the ball  did not turn up at the appointed time or called to say what happened. At that moment I began to feel anxious. I had two choices. Forget the ball and stay home in my warm and safe condo or get out in the rain and drive my self to the ball. I chose the latter. Little did I know what laid ahead. By the way the person did call and apologized . He too was caught up in heavy traffic because of the heavy rain.

On my way to the ball the rain was still pouring, lightening was flashing, sirens were flying past, left right and center. By this time I was wondering whether or not I should return home. I kept driving for a long time but just could not find the place where I was going. To make  a long story short. I was lost! Even though I was lost I was determined to go to the ball. You see I had paid a price for the ball and I was not going to let my money go wasted. I must confess here that I got lost three times before I finally found the place. Again, I was tempted to go home and not attend the ball.
After composing myself and thinking of the wonderful time I would be having at the ball, instead of the rain or my being lost, I finally found the place. I took several deep breaths, offered a word of prayer for guidance, smiled and started singing.

Because of my positive attitude and perseverance I attended the ball even though I was an hour late. I enjoyed a delicious meal, met several new friends and listened to good music.My friend, even though he was very late came also and joined the fun. At the end of the night the sky was clear and I was happy.

What are your dreams and goals? What obstacles are in your way? What is preventing you from reaching them? Winners don't quit. Quitters don't win! When you have clear and defined goals obstacles will come your way. You will then have two choices, quit or persevere. May I encourage you to chose the latter and enjoy success.